1. In class behaviour:


2. Homework



3. Asking for help





4. Studying for quizzes, tests, and exams





5. Retests: Retests are granted in the following situations only:



Important: Students wishing to rewrite a test must demonstrate authentic and consistent effort to improve their performance in mathematics. Furthermore, they must also make a firm commitment to a time and date for the retest.



6. Absences:  The only valid excuses for missing a test are an illness, special family or health commitments, or a pre-approved field trip. Parents are asked to contact me by email or with a note immediately upon student’s return to the school.   If you miss a class, you are still responsible for the homework.  Contact a friend from school and/or check my website ( Please note that assignments, quizzes or practice problems will not be provided in advance for students who take extended holidays during term time.




7. For success, keep a positive attitude: The consequences of math illiteracy will extend over your lifetime and may close many doors later in life. Do not let that happen to you!


    If you did poorly on a test or quiz, ask yourself why.  Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:



Once you know the reason why you did poorly on a test or quiz (for instance, you didn’t do your homework), don’t fall into that trap again. 


Should concerns about a student’s performance or behaviour arise, his or her parents will be contacted, and an action plan will be put in place to help the student get back on track.


Bonne chance!                     


Mme Chiru