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Test grade 10 - solutions. For the questions where you have to find a solution to a system, each solution is 1 point (x 1 point, y, 1 point)

Test grade 9 - solutions. For each equation/inequation, if you make more than two mistakes you cannot award any points. The solution becomes then too incorrect. Also, forgetting brackets - too incorrect to award points.

Test grade 8 - solutions. Straightforward IMO.

Let's see some statistics. Here below is how much time I spent giving feedback to your assignments FOR ONE CLASS.. And here you see all the classes .  In total, I have spent 188 hours only giving feedback since we began in the second week of April. 188 hours means 23.5 working days (counting a working day at 8 hours), which is 4.7 work weeks only for the feedback I give online. 

The software also tells me about the students' engagement, and the statistics are sobering and saddening. Many students have done nothing, or very little. I will keep these statistics in case there are concerns in the future about your progress.