Bonjour et bienvenue sur le site de Mme Chiru!

Provisional schedule for April 1st, on Discord:

Grade 8: 10am to 10:30 am;

grade 9: 10:30 to 11;

grade 10: 11 to 11:30. 


 Link to my Discord server

I need to know who you are when you join, so no "badboy666" :-) First name and initial are fine, no need to give your whole last name (but a last name initial would be appreciated, as there are several students with the same first name).  You know everybody, too, and you know if your name has a potential for confusions or not. Furthermore, it would help me know who you are without checking a cheat sheet to see who's "mermaid_wings" :-)

 We'll discuss what else can be done to improve learning as we go.

UPDATE: ALL CLASSES HAVE NOW A VIDEO AND A HOMEWORK. I'm waiting for everybody to join us on Discord and I'll see you there on Wednesday. Please do come, it's a special day :-)

What you need to do until then:

1, watch the video

2. do the homework

3. check the homework

4. following the schedule above, come on Discord to ask questions, get feedback, etc.


Grade 8 - you have begun the chapter on "Aires et volumes des objets en 3D", and that's where you'll go for videos and homework.

Grade 9 - you have begun the chapter on "Polynomes". If you don't have the textbook at home, I have posted the textbook in English, the only one I have.

Grade 10 - you have begun the chapter on "Relations lineaires", and that's where you'll be heading:-)

Finally, I want to acknowledge that these are uncertain, worrisome times. But I look around, and behind the abundance of bad news, there are millions of people who heroically continue to do their jobs, to keep the world going. If we still have electricity, internet, water, and food, it's because some people show up at work and do what they have to do.

It will take some mental strength from us, too, to leave aside distractions, and dedicate time and energy to mathematics - which, I concede, is not always easy, even at the best of times. But to do any less would be to treat the gift of education that society has given us with disrespect.

And if you're wondering "what's the point of it all", I assure you that every grocery clerk, every truck driver, every doctor and nurse, all have moments when they ask themselves the same question. "The point of it all" is what you make of it. Nobody gives you "the meaning". We have to find it ourselves. Welcome to the human condition, my friends:-)

However, I know you, and that makes me very optimistic. I admire and respect the effort you've made every day in class. I am convinced you'll continue to strive to do your best! It really is that simple: doing our best is all that's needed.

I really look forward to "seeing" all of you. We can do this!

A bientot, stay healthy all,

Mme Chiru


 PS: Do check out the FAQ about Continuity of Education from the Ministry of Education (if you haven't already), and the Keep Learning website which contains a collection of resources, information, etc.