Links we accessed in class (or tried to access):

Grade 9

Scale of the universe

Bill Nye on the scale of the planets and the distances between them

If the moon were replaced by other planets

If the moon were situated at the same distance as the ISS

How far away is the moon?

Planet size comparison

Running the numbers, Chris Jordan

Hilbert's hotel, Numberphile

Hilbert's hotel in 60 seconds

Infinity (Cantor's argument)

Aleph number

Vi Hart, fractal fractions

Online puzzles

Numberphile, the Enigma machine

How a measles outbreak spreads (a simulation). Run more than once.


Bad statistics

Misleading graphs

More misleading graphs (incroyable, n'est ce pas?)

7 ways to maximise misery


Grade 10

We use math

IXL- not free

BC math

Math 10 Foundations and pre-calculus online quizzes (eng., online courses) - free

Online tutoring on YouTube (FortBend Tutoring, some students find it helpful)

Desmos - online calculator

Wolfram Alpha - computational knowledge engine

Khan Academy

Edudata - provincial exam statistics for Moscrop

A website with lessons provided by the Coquitlam School district:

A website with videos (looks like a khan academy repository, grouped by topic): Mathmaster

Numeracy assessment samples

Solar calculator

Other links:

Random fractals

Plan cartesien interactif

Statistics Canada research documents on education budgets in various provinces:

Table Top Whale   -   A science illustration blog. Charts, infographics, illustrations. Tres interessant:-)

Dan Ariely on cheating and stealing

Symmetry artist

Conformity quotes

Picture of a hemisphere

How (not) to argue and what to say

Wait but why - numbers and statistics about anything and Everything!

Unfairness research

Grit research

Information is beautiful

Things to do with stuff (hacking everyday objects)

Dunning-Kruger effect

Fibonacci sculptures

We were bullies - nothing to do with mathematics, but since I know for certain that you will all see some bullying in your lives...

World population cartogram - 2015

What is SDSS J0100+2802?

Ask a mathematician

Less wrong ("a blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality")


What ... no Big Bang? (for realz :-) )

Petit cours d'autodefense intelectuelle

Change blindness experiment

Population pyramids in various countries

Migration watch

 Overdevelopment, overpopulation, overshoot  - the book

PHET simulations (science and mathematics)

The flying circus of physics

Self-esteem vs. self-compassion

Our world in data

Too dumb for democracy? (CBC Ideas podcast)

Mistakes in mathematics and the brain (youtube video; there's in fact a whole series on how the brain learns mathematics which I highly recommend)

The Nizkor Project - thorough debunking of claims made by Holocaust denialists.

The politics of professions

Tesselations-how to

Overcoming bias

Ask GeoMan

PowerPoint is killing critical thinking (article in The Guardian UK)

Stuart McMillen comics

Why graphing calculators (still) cost so much

Mass shootings in USA- a powerful visualization

Source data from Mass Shooting Tracker

and, in the interest of science, an opposing view:

Mass shootings may be tragic, but they're not that frequent

Robert Bjork - The future of learning

Mathematics and computers

xkcd The One (the mathematics of Soul Mates)

Fibonacci in nature

Why your brain is not a computer

  Coursera course "Learning how to learn"!

Under pressure - why athletes choke

The illusion of explanatory depth

Terminaisons des substantifs en francais



The Tech Industry's War on Kids

Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

Smartphones and mental health

Bored and brilliant - a plan for smartphone addiction rehab

A minimalist phone that will make you smarter

Center for humane technology - check out the ledger of harms for more research

If you think you're good at multitasking, you probably aren't

Never get high on your own supply - why social media bosses don't use social media

Brain drain - the mere presence of one's own smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity